Game Development In India

I am sitting in front of the same Lenovo Z580 that I received as a gift after I passed my tenth grade which has been through out my journey of learning how to make games right from the beginning. It has been a perfect companion. Even though many people have not stood by the idea of ‘Can you seriously make a living by making games?!’ And this blog post is the evidence of not only survival but living a happy life on making games and teaching game development from 2 years. The stereotype in almost every Indian household that it’s some fantasy that games never make money. I remember when I first looked up ‘how to make games’ on Google. It was exactly three and half years ago. It was exciting and was out of my passion towards games. Games have been my solace for most of my childhood. Well some people call us gamers introverts but isn’t that the same to every other form of entertainment ?

Right from running as Mario and Dangerous Dave, gaming induced meaning into my life. Hearing the screams of a terrorist who lost a leg to your shotgun in Soldier of Fortune, sweating as you walk past a guard as Agent 47, destroying your phone failing the hundredth time trying to beat your last Flappy Bird high score, games are successful every time leaving you with a simulated feeling that you experience in social life. By the time I juggled between all the software I could find on game development, I already had a plot in mind. This was back from my school where I would write over five hundred pages of a World War II POW fiction story when I had less than 5% knowledge on what exactly happened in the war. Silly me but I had found the old deprecated FPS Creator Classic to be interesting because one of the add-on packs had World War bunker props and characters in it. And that pushed me to not just drag and drop things and make a game but understand what exactly happens in the logic. Anything mysterious is likely to be explored.

And I went on trying the core game engines like Unreal and Unity. Unity’s community felt warm and more deeper. I became familiar with Unity. This was my problem – I was a student of Commerce and Accounting till then ; absolutely zero programming knowledge. And then playMaker happened. This is a plugin for Unity that allows you to make games without coding. One of the best investments I made in my life. And that was my entry point to actual game making. Now I teach playMaker on Unity and YouTube trying to show people how easy it is to make games. That was when I realised I could make money out of the skills I learnt on YouTube. I did freelancing on Fiverr and through the YouTube community. YouTube shut their doors to slow growing channels like mine. It was a very niche segment of people who would watch my tutorials. playMaker users among Unity users. So I could not expect it to go big too. The lifetime earnings were 28.5$. So I became less regular on YouTube and made a course and submitted it to Udemy and I got 48.5$ in the first month of Udemy. I think the path shapes itself. You just need to give your try. And it doesn’t apply not only to game development but anything you feel passionate about. The feeling that keeps you up for days even if everything is going against you.

You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support.

Sabrina Bryan

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