First Devlog of Dodjet Remake!

Recently I got the push for reviving an ancient project ( It’s been 4 yrs since I made this game now ) . Dodjet was a personal project of mine ; basically a game with a scifi ship dodging missiles and picking up nitro to survive.
I drew inspiration from a lot of my favorite games:

  • 1. Tom Clancy’s HAWX – movement and mechanics
  • 2. Tom Clancy’s Division – UI look and feel
  • 3. Freelancer – mechanics
2016 Gameplay of Dodjet

Definitely a AAA quality game made by a solo developer, yes. But jokes apart when I look at it now, I see lots of room for improvement! ( obviously ) With the unnecessary minimap, ultra simplistic level design ( it had nothing but terrain and a tank that I modeled )

So I started off by just modeling the core model i.e the player ship. I didn’t deviate from the initial idea and concept because I wanted it to still be original and I looked up references for some sci-fi spaceships/planes and mixed them up! After an hour of Blender with some hot coffee, I could brew a good model!

When you’re making a game and you want to add the core mechanics of the game, like movement, decide the platform first. The game’s feel should be exclusive to the platform. And then there’s the concept of having an ideal platform too. Like Virtua Tennis 4 can never beat Wii Sports. Just because you are literally swinging your hand with a Nintendo Wii remote. Which is way more immersive than just hitting your spacebar the right time.

I sent out different builds to my gamer friends to test the movement out with pretty static level props that just help you know where you are. And I made adjustments according to their input. Feedback in game development is super vital. You want your game to ‘appeal to the masses’? First let the few people you know test it out. Get honest input. Improvise and iterate. There’s a better chance to get out a good game.

This is how the gameplay for Dodjet looks like as of now:

Here’s the build if you want to play it yourself! Will be awesome if you leave any kind of feedback on the game here in the comments section below. Also don’t forget to tune into my blog for more updates on Dodjet or any other game development related content.

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