This is my game development channel I created in 2015 on the topic of game development. I share development vlogs of my game projects and teach 'game development without coding' and lots of other tutorials on the channel. This served as a platform to market my Udemy courses that I published later. I make all the art, recording, editing etc for it.



My first ever game for PC. Inspired by Tom Clancy's HAWX, Dodjet is an attempt to mix flight combat with an endless game mechanic that keeps players stuck to the game


Simplistic design, simple gameplay yet challenging. Being my first Android title on the Google PlayStore, I wanted players to experience a smooth flow of just a simple dot trying to avoid obstacles.

Stick Champion

This was an attempt to prototype Stick Hero without programming. I really improved my art from my previous projects. You definitely need to play this one if you want to kill time. Fun part? This game was made in just 24 hours!


Game Development Courses

After I learnt that there is good demand for no code game development courses, I decided to produce and publish courses on online learning platforms like Udemy & Skillshare. I used YouTube SEO techniques to boost my promotional videos about the course. My video still ranks first on YouTube for the search tag "playmaker udemy"